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NOKUT to recognise teachers with foreign qualifications

NOKUT takes over the responsibility as competent authority for the recognition of teachers, first language teachers and heads of kindergarten/educational supervisors in kindergarten with qualifications from abroad.

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NOKUT receives praise in international review

NOKUT has recently undergone an external review by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). The conclusion of ENQA’s panel of experts is that NOKUT is an exemplary national quality assurance agency in many aspects of its work, and in compliance with European standards and guidelines.

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New automatic recognition service for Nordic higher education qualifications

NOKUT launches a new recognition service for people with higher education qualifications from the Nordic countries who wish to work or study in Norway. Applicants can now download a standardized recognition statement for each of the Nordic countries that details the higher education qualifications that are automatically recognized by NOKUT, and how each qualification compares with Norwegian qualifications. The statement is immediately available for use in job and university applications.

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New country in NOKUT’s country database: Bangladesh

Approximately 200 students from Bangladesh attend Norwegian universities and university colleges. In order to assist Norwegian institutions of higher learning in their work with this group, NOKUT has now gathered information about Bangladesh’s educational system, degrees and NOKUT’s assessment of education from this country in its country database.

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Strengthening educational cooperation with China

On 18 April 2018, Norway and China signed an agreement on the mutual recognition of qualifications in higher education. The purpose of the agreement is to encourage more, as well as academically relevant, exchange agreements between Norwegian and Chinese universities and university colleges.