Topic-specific national assessment examinations

Since 2015 NOKUT has on commission from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research facilitated national assessment examinations in three specific types of study programmes.

The three study programmes are:

  • Bachelor’s programme in nursing (topic: anatomy, physiology and biochemistry)
  • Teacher’s education (topic: mathematics)

The commission states three main purposes for national assessment examinations:

  • provide information on the students’ level of competence
  • provide means for the academic communities to compare themselves with corresponding academic communities in other HE-institutions
  • contribute to society’s confidence in the programmes

Based on the data provided by the national assessment examinations, NOKUT conducts other development projects. We will contribute to greater awareness on general principles for developing just and reliable exams with high quality sensor’s guides. We will also contribute to increased knowledge of how the use of data from students’ assessments may enhance the quality of teaching.