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New country in NOKUT’s country database: Bangladesh

Approximately 200 students from Bangladesh attend Norwegian universities and university colleges. In order to assist Norwegian institutions of higher learning in their work with this group, NOKUT has now gathered information about Bangladesh’s educational system, degrees and NOKUT’s assessment of education from this country in its country database.

Strengthening educational cooperation with China

On 18 April 2018, Norway and China signed an agreement on the mutual recognition of qualifications in higher education. The purpose of the agreement is to encourage more, as well as academically relevant, exchange agreements between Norwegian and Chinese universities and university colleges.

Polish plumbers and wood products carpenters recognised in Norway

Since the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) has opened for recognition of vocational education and training from abroad in November 2016, it has received over 1000 applications. On top of the list of those who receive recognition are plumbers and wood products carpenters from Poland.

Updating the GSU List

The GSU List was updated on 15 March. Belize and Dominica, as well as an international qualification, CAPE, have been added to the list. The GSU List specifies the requirements for general university and college admissions certification for applicants educated abroad.

The students’ judgement

New figures from the Studiebarometeret show that digital tools are not used very much in the teaching provided. At the same time, students are pleased with digital aids when they are actually used.

Advising on teacher education

The advisory group on primary and lower secondary teacher courses has now completed the first round of their regional meetings with the educational environments. Around 150 teacher trainers participated in the seminars in Bergen, Tromsø and Drammen.