NOKUT to recognise teachers with foreign qualifications

NOKUT takes over the responsibility as competent authority for the recognition of teachers, first language teachers and heads of kindergarten/educational supervisors in kindergarten with qualifications from abroad.

On 1 January 2020, the responsibility for the recognition of these professions was transferred from the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Udir) to NOKUT.

Recognition is required for the regulated professions

Most professions do not require a specific recognition in order to start working in Norway. However, some professions are regulated by law. In order to work within a regulated profession, a recognition is required.

Teacher, first language teacher and head of kindergarten/educational supervisor in kindergarten are regulated professions. Anyone with an education from abroad who wants a permanent position in Norway must first apply for recognition.

– NOKUT has many years of experience with recognition of foreign education in general. Now, we are looking forward to using our expertise to begin recognizing specific professions, says Terje Mørland, NOKUT’s Director General.

Simplified application process

Until now, applicants have had to submit their applications and documents via mail. At NOKUT, the application process has been digitalized. Furthermore, applicants from outside the EEA previously had to apply for recognition of their educational documents from NOKUT, before they could apply to the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training for the recognition of their professional qualifications. These applicants no longer have to cope with two different authorities.

– For applicants, this means an easier application process. It is more efficient, and applications can be processed faster. Simple, effective and digital recognition processes are an important priority for NOKUT, Mørland says.

Applications that were submitted to the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training and not processed before the move, will be automatically transferred to NOKUT. In other words: if you have already applied for recognition to the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, you do not need to submit a new application.

Instructions on how to apply for recognition and information about documentation requirements

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