Achieved many important goals

NOKUT's 20th year was both content rich and busy. Despite many parallel processes and growth in ordinary tasks, increasing numbers of applications, and a tight budget, NOKUT has performed well and can demonstrate good goal achievement in accordance with the new strategy, NOKUT 2030: Ensure quality, build trust.

Most initial teacher education students want to work as teachers

NOKUT has conducted surveys among students, campus-based teacher educators, school-based teacher educators, and teacher candidates from initial teacher education programs. We are now publishing four reports that provide important knowledge about initial teacher education.

Logo: EQAR

NOKUT's membership in EQAR is renewed

NOKUT's application for renewed membership in The European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) has been approved.

NOKUT fulfills all criteria in ENQA evaluations

After an extensive evaluation process, NOKUT got green light from ENQA, the umbrella organization for quality assurance agencies in Europe. In their final report, the evaluation committee commends NOKUT on its work, but also comes with suggestions for further improvement.