ProTed – Centre for Professional learning in Teacher Education

Full name: Centre for Professional learning in Teacher Education
Affiliation: The University of Oslo and the University of Tromsø
Field of study:
Website: ProTed – Centre for Professional Learning in Teacher Education
SFU status: 2011–2021
Directors of the centre: Doris Jorde (UiO) og Siw Skrøvset (UiT) 

ProTed (Centre for Professional Learning in Teacher Education) was appointed as Norway’s first Centre for Excellence in Higher Education in December 2011. This pilot centre is a partnership between the University of Oslo and the University of Tromsø. The centre underwent a mid-term evaluation in 2015, and their period as an SFU was prolonged to 2021.

ProTed involves a co-operative effort around the five year master programmes in teacher education, grades 1–7 and 5–10 at the University of Tromsø ( UiT) and grades 8–10 at the University of Oslo (UiO). The vision of the centre is “to educate knowledgeable, confident and internationally oriented professional teachers for a multicultural knowledge society”.

Teacher education programmes are expected to integrate university and school practices into coherent study designs. This implies bringing together theory- and experience-based knowledge for the development of professional practices. ProTed will bring these two knowledge sources together, re-conceptualise teacher education and develop study designs that support the education of creative and resourceful teachers who know how to meet the challenges of increasingly diverse and knowledge intensive educational systems.

The aim is to develop a profoundly research based education where students are active research participants and to offer teacher students holistic programmes based on a deep interplay between the professional and scientific communities.

The centre seeks to take advantage of UiT’s close interplay with its partner schools and their developmental processes and UiO’s comprehensive research and academic community. The centre plan includes teacher students’ participation in R&D work with international partners, research groups and the partners’ university schools.

ProTed’s status of pilot center secures financing of NOK 4 million annually for five years. The centre was evaluated in 2015 and was granted a five-year extension of the status and financing.