The National Teacher Survey 2021

During the spring of 2021, NOKUT will carry out the Teachers Survey. The results are useful for strengthening the educational quality and learning environment in higher education.

The survey gathers information on how teachers work with teaching and the students learning, how they prioritize, and what resources they have available. The goal is to acquire a representative picture of the views of the academic staff on various aspects of educational quality. The survey was conducted for the first time in 2017.

As in 2017, NIFU and NOKUT have merged the Time Use Survey and the Teacher Survey. The two surveys address the same population and are therefore carried out as a collaboration between NOKUT and NIFU to reduce the number of surveys in the sector and limit the reporting burden.

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The surveys will be sent out to the academic staff at all higher education institutions in Norway on April 13th, 2021. Everyone in the target group will receive an email with a unique link to their own questionnaire.

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