CEMPE – Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education

Full Name: Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education
Affiliation: Norwegian Academy of Music
Field of study: Music Performance Education
Website: CEMPE – Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education
SFU status: 2014–2023
Centre director: Jon Helge Sætre

CEMPE seeks to develop knowledge about teaching and learning in higher music education. CEMPE uses projects, networks and innovative experiments to explore teaching methods, working methods and education content for students preparing to enter the music profession.

One important aspect of CEMPE’s work is building networks and maintaining a dialogue with various partners in the field. At a national level the centre work with the Professional Council for Music Performance Education (RUM). Every year CEMPE holds a seminar at one of RUM’s member institutions, and several experts from the different national institutions are affiliated with the centre through CEMPE’s innovation grants or other projects. Internationally CEMPE work with the European association of higher music education institutions AEC, particularly on the newly established “Platform for Learning and Teaching” but also through the RENEW and NAIP Projects. CEMPE is affiliated with national and international networks such as the Healthy Conservatoires Network, European Creative Futures, the European Chamber Music Academy, Olympiatoppen, Summer Academy Voksenåsen and others.

Key research areas

Principal instruments: CEMPE researches and develops teaching and content relating to principal instruments. Topics include approaches to group and peer learning on principal instruments and teaching and learning cultures in principal instrument tuition.

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Instrumental practice: CEMPE seeks to improve the quality of the students’ practice routines by exploring different practice methods. The projects and workshops cover principal instrument practice, various genres, health, performance preparation in an interactive setting, staging and contemporary music. The centre also holds development workshops for the students.

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Professional practice: CEMPE seeks to enhance and expand professional practice opportunities for music students and to give them realistic work experience in relevant areas. Examples of ongoing projects include the Kulturtrøkk music festival in Hammerfest, contemporary music practice with the Norwegian Wind Ensemble and collaborations with orchestras, festivals and other concert promoters.

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Independent music careers: CEMPE develops knowledge of how students can prepare to enter a diverse and globalised music industry undergoing rapid change. The projects raise the following questions: How can artistic ideas be realised and sustained? How to to build a sustainable music career?

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