Studiebarometeret: Student survey and web portal

NOKUT is conducting a national student survey on student perceptions on the quality of study programs in Norway on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research.

All students in their second year of studies on both bachelor's and master's degree programs, in addition to fifth year students on integrated master studies, are given the opportunity to participate in the survey. The survey comprises nearly 70 000 thousand students at 58 institutions of higher education. Invitation to participate in the survey is sent by email and SMS.

The survey takes place every October, and the results are published in February the next year in the web portal

For potential students, students and institutions

At you can compare study programs within and between institutions. It functions as a tool for applicants to higher education to get information on students’ perception of quality. It is also useful for institutions in their efforts to improve quality, and for students interested in the quality of the study program they are attending.

What is it all about?

We are asking students their perception on different dimensions of quality at the study program they are attending. The questions are related to, among other things, the quality of teaching, the students’ work load and career relevance.