Joint Academic Evaluations in Research and Education

The Ministry of Education and Research has given NOKUT and the Research Council of Norway the task of creating a model for jointly evaluating education and research in Norwegian higher education institutions. The aim is to find ways to assess both central aspects of the institutions’ societal mission.

Three social science fields, political science, sociology and economics, have been selected to take part in the pilot evaluation. As well as assessing the quality of education and research in these fields, the pilot project will explore the interplay between education and research, with the aim of learning more about how the different aspects of the institutions’ mission affect and play into each other.

The evaluation will be performed by international panels with expertise both within the relevant fields and in higher education pedagogy, drawing on data supplied by the institutions as well as on NOKUT data.

The evaluation ran from spring 2017 to spring 2018, and final results were presented in June 2018.

Project leader NOKUT: Marte Bogen Sinderud