Studiebarometeret – The National Student Survey

Dear student. Voice your opinion about the quality of your study program!

This is an invitation to participate in Studiebarometeret – the national student survey. The questionnaire can be answered in Norwegian or English.

The purpose of the survey

Our goal is to capture students’ view of the quality of education, and to make this information available to universities, students and others. The results give educational institutions the opportunity to make improvements. Data from the survey are also used for research purposes. Results are published on, as average scores for individual study programmes. The survey is conducted by NOKUT, and commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Why are you being asked to participate?

Studiebarometeret is a survey among all students in the 2nd and 5th year of study, about 74.000 students. Your institution has allowed us to retrieve directly personally identifiable information (email and phone number) and indirectly identifiable information (study program, gender, age, admission basis, exam results and citizenship) about you.

What does participation entail for you?

You participate in the survey by filling out a web questionnaire, which takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. All respondents have the chance to win either one of five gift cards with a value of 5000 NOK, or one of 25 gift cards with a value of 1000 NOK.

Participation is voluntary

Participation in the survey is voluntary. You may at any time and without reason ask that we remove all information about you.

Have your received an SMS or email invitation?

You have already participated if you have answered the questionnaire by using the link in SMS or email. If you did not complete the questionnaire, you can continue by using the login on this page.

SMS with link to the questionnaire

To get a personal link to your questionnaire, enter your mobile phone number in the box below. NB! Only 2nd and 5th year students with a valid phone number.

Access your questionnaire

Type in your mobile phone number and receive your personal link. This applies for Scandinavian phone numbers only.

Your personal privacy – how we store and use your personal data

We will process your personal data confidentially and in accordance with data protection legislation. We will not publish data that makes it possible to identify respondents.

You can find more information about personal privacy in the questionnaire!

The institutions provide NOKUT with background data on all students, based on a legal commitment. This also applies to those who do not participate. The purpose is to investigate whether the answers we receive are representative of the student population, which is very important in order to interpret the results. It is possible to opt out of this by sending an e-mail to Background information for those who do not participate in the survey will be deleted by February 2022.

Where can you find out more?

If you have questions about the study, please contact:

Your rights

As long as you can be identified in the collected data, you have the right to:

  • access the personal data about you that is being processed
  • request that your personal data be deleted
  • request that incorrect personal data about you is corrected/rectified
  • receive a copy of your personal data (data portability), and send a complaint to the Data Protection Officer or The Norwegian Data Protection Authority regarding the processing of your personal data.


Yours sincerely,

NOKUT (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education)