Studiebarometeret for fagskolestudenter

Dear student, voice your opinion on the quality of your study programme!

This is an invitation to participate in Studiebarometeret for fagskolestudenter – the national student survey on the quality of vocational school study programmes. The survey is carried out by NOKUT and commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. The results will be published here this fall.

Your answer gives the institution an opportunity to improve the quality of your education, and represents a valuable source of information for future students.

Answering and gift certificates

Among those who fill out the questionnaire, 15 will receive a gift certificate with a value up to NOK 5000. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The survey will close on 5 May. The questionnaire is available in English and Norwegian.

Have you received an SMS or email invitation?

If you have already filled out the questionnaire by following the link provided in email or SMS, there is no need to take further action. If you were unable to complete the questionnaire in a previous session, you may log in here to finish. Logging in also allows you to review and edit your previous answers.

Who can participate?

All vocational school students enrolled at their study programme 31 December 2020 or earlier are invited to answer the questionnaire. There is an exception for students who attend 30 credits study programmes. These students have to be enrolled at their study programme 1 March 2021 or earlier to be able to answer the questionnaire.

Access your questionnaire

Type in your cell phone number and receive your personal link. This applies for Norwegian cell phone numbers only. If this does not work, please contact us on the following email address:


The Data Protection Official for Research at the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) has been notified about the project. NOKUT has accessed direct personally identifiable information (email address and phone number) from Difi (ID-porten) and indirect personally identifiable information (information about what study programme and year you are enrolled in, your gender, age, entry qualification, exam results and citizenship) about you from NSD. NSD in turn received it from your vocational school. Rambøll AS assists NOKUT with the implementation and distribution of the survey, and has access to email addresses and phone numbers until the survey closes. All collected data will be kept confidential. We will not publish data that makes it possible to identify respondents.

Direct personally identifiable information will be deleted by NOKUT by October 1st 2021, at the latest. Provided that you give your consent at the end of the survey, indirect personally identifiable information will be stored by NOKUT until the end of 2025 and by NSD until the end of 2030. The information will be available for analysis and research purposes.

NOKUT collects background information on all students, including those who do not respond to the survey. We do this to be able to perform analyses on response rates, which is important for interpreting the survey results. You can opt out of this by sending an email to We will then immediately delete all the background information we have on you.