How satisfied are vocational school students with the quality of their education?

That is what NOKUT wants to find out when, for the first time, we send out a questionnaire on course quality to around 13,500 vocational school students at 78 vocational schools across Norway.

“The vocational schools are now getting their own Studiebarometeret and we look forward to hearing the voices of vocational school students. To ensure the best possible quality results, we hope that all of the vocational school students who receive the questionnaire respond,” said Ole-Jacob Skodvin, Director of Analysis, NOKUT.

The survey will be used in vocational schools’ ongoing quality work

One important goal of the survey is to provide vocation schools with useful information they can use in their internal quality work. Another is to develop a knowledge base that NOKUT and other authorities can use to enhance the work on quality development in the vocational school sector. The results from the survey will be published on in autumn 2018.

Facts about Studiebarometeret for vocational school students

Approximately 13,500 vocational school students on 544 courses and from 78 vocational schools are included in the survey. The survey took place between 10 April and 2 May 2018. NOKUT is conducting the Studiebarometeret for vocational school students on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research.

What is a vocational school education?

A vocational school education builds on upper secondary education, or similar experience, and is characterised by it:

  • being work-oriented
  • providing skills that can be used in work without further training
  • lasting between six months to 2 years

The biggest vocational school courses are in technical subjects and health education courses.

Check the list of approved vocational school courses (in Norwegian)

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