Expansion of NOKUT´s recognition procedure for foreign vocational education and training

It is now possible for applicants from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to apply for recognition of their vocational education and training.

NOKUT has also launched an assessment procedure for foreign tertiary vocational education comparing foreign qualifications to the Norwegian equivalent (fagskoleutdanning).

– “The recognition procedure for foreign vocational education and training was launched a year ago, and it is now time for the second expansion”, says NOKUT`s Director General Terje Mørland. – “This is a recognition procedure that both the employers' and employees' organizations have been committed to establish, so it`s very gratifying that we are on route with the planned expansions”, he finishes.

Who can apply for recognition of foreign vocational education and training?

Individuals can apply for recognition of their foreign vocational education and training to this voluntary procedure. The recognition procedure is intended to help people with foreign qualifications in the Norwegian labour market.

The recognition procedure now includes 5 countries and 15 qualifications. The qualifications are selected in cooperation with the Norwegian social partners. Persons with vocational education and training from Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can apply for recognition within the following 15 qualifications:

  • Bricklayer
  • Butcher
  • Cabinet maker
  • Carpenter
  • Glazier
  • Hairdresser
  • Industrial concrete worker
  • Industrial machinery mechanic
  • Meat cutter
  • Painter/decorator
  • Retail butcher
  • Plumber
  • Sausage maker
  • Upholsterer
  • Wood products carpenter

To be eligible the applicant must have legal residence or occupational connection to Norway, for instance an employer who performs work or assignments in Norway.

More than 700 applications, with a majority from Poland

– “In November 2017, we passed 700 received applications, where the majority of the applicants are Polish”, says Head of Recognition of Professional Qualifications, Silje Molander. – “What is special about this recognition procedure is that the applicant’s knowledge and competence is assessed by an expert committee, which also specifies what is missing in order to be comparable to Norwegian vocational education and training.” –“This makes it easier for employers to hire persons with the right skills, and to provide employees with additional training if needed”, she concludes.  

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Advisory statements on foreign tertiary vocational education

NOKUT sets out to assess foreign tertiary vocational education in comparison to the Norwegian equivalent (fagskoleutdanning) and issue advisory statements. An advisory statement will help a person with foreign tertiary vocational education to apply his or her skills in the Norwegian labour market. The advisory statement will also provide Norwegian tertiary vocational education institutions with a good basis for assessing whether a person should be admitted to a programme, or even be exempted from certain classes.

NOKUT issues advisory statements throughout 2018. NOKUT only accepts applications with qualifications from Poland or Germany from the following sectors:

  • building and construction; climate, energy and environment work
  • technical and industrial production
  • healthcare, childhood and youth development

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NOKUT will issue advisory statements on tertiary vocational education from abroad until section 14, of the Act relating to Tertiary Vocational Education, enters into force, in accordance with Prop. 95 L (2015 - 2016), and the supplementary letter of allocation for 2016 dated 7 March 2016 from the Ministry of Education and Research to NOKUT.

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