Official documents (*) issued in a different language than English or one of the Nordic languages, must be translated into Norwegian or English. The translation must be done by the educational institution or a government-authorised translator. The name of the translator must be apparent in the documents.

(*) For instance diploma, craft or journeyman’s certificate, transcript of grades and proof of name change.

Other documents than those mentioned above, must not necessarily be translated by a government-authorised translator. In these cases, the name of the translator must be apparent on the translation.

  • NOKUT recommends that you use a government authorised translator. You can find authorised translators in Norway at The Brønnøysund Register Service.
  • If you were given documentation in two languages by your educational institution (where one of the languages is Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Finnish or English), this documentation can be submitted instead of translations.
  • NOKUT does not require translation of documents issued in Icelandic and Finnish, but we do recommend that you have them translated into Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English. This is to ensure faster processing of your application. It may also be that the case officer will require a translation.
  • You can have your documents translated in Norway or abroad.
  • If the submitted translations are not good enough, NOKUT reserves the right to ask for new translations.