Guidelines for advisory statements on foreign tertiary vocational education

NOKUT will issue advisory statements on tertiary vocational education from abroad until section 14 of the Act relating to Tertiary Vocational Education enters into force, in accordance with Prop. 95 L (2015–2016) and the supplementary letter of allocation for 2016 dated 7 March 2016 from the Ministry of Education and Research to NOKUT.

NOKUT issues advisory statements comparing an applicant’s foreign tertiary vocational education with the Norwegian equivalent (fagskoleutdanning). NOKUT looks to the guidelines and intentions of the Act relating to Tertiary Vocational Education when making an assessment.

NOKUT can only recognize completed foreign tertiary vocational education, and it has to be possible to verify the educational documents. NOKUT accepts applications from individuals, who can document a completed qualification obtained through tertiary vocational education. The scope of this foreign tertiary education has to be equivalent to the Norwegian system, which is currently ½–2 years. An application must contain educational documents that can be verified.

NOKUT opens for applications for tertiary vocational education from Poland or Germany. Qualifications must be within one of the following sectors:

  • Building and construction; climate, energy and environment work
  • Technical and industrial production
  • Healthcare, childhood and youth development

NOKUTs advisory statements do not give applicants the right to appeal.