Regulated professions

When coming to Norway with a foreign education or foreign professional qualification, it is important to check whether you need recognition of your education in order to practice your profession here. For most professions, recognition is not required, but for certain professions, this is mandatory.

Norway has 163 regulated professions. This means that certain minimum requirements must be fulfilled before you can practice the profession and/or use a certain professional title. These are requirements set by the Norwegian authorities, and they are regulated through laws and regulations. The different professions are regulated by specific offices for recognition.

Specific information for EU/EEA Nationals

Certain regulations for recognition of regulated professions apply within the EU/EEA. This is due to the Professional Qualifications Directive, which covers the regulated professions.

The Professional Qualifications Directive applies primarily to citizens of EU/EEA countries. However, the directive may in some cases also affect citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA.

The Professional Qualifications Directive concerns the right to practice a profession in a different EU/EEA country than the country in which the professional title was obtained. If your profession is regulated in the country in which you want to work, you must apply for recognition from the host country’s authorities before you can start practicing your profession.

The intention of the Professional Qualifications Directive is to mainstream and simplify the recognition process. This means that as long as your education from your home country gives you permission to practice your profession there, this right should follow you in other EU/EEA countries. Please be aware that there might be other requirements – like language skills and knowledge about national matters.

Find out which recognition office grants recognition of your profession

What kind of assistance does NOKUT offer?

NOKUT answers questions from persons who need recognition of their foreign qualifications. We are the assistance centre for recognition of professional qualifications for professions that are regulated through Directive 2005/36/EF. This means that we provide information on recognition of professional qualifications in Norway to citizens of EU/EEA countries.

Overview over regulated professions that fall in under the Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EF) (PDF)

In addition, we assist Norwegian citizens who wish to work in a regulated profession within the EU/EEA. We are also available to assist the authorities and national contact points of other countries with the same kind of information.

Assistance centres in other countries

Do you need information on national rules and processes for recognition of your qualifications in connection with work or relocation to another EU/EEA country? We advise you to contact the assistance centre in the relevant country. They will provide you with information on recognition processes for regulated professions.

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