Verification of NOKUT’s recognition documents

Has someone sent you a recognition document from NOKUT, e.g. in connection with a job application? Do you want to know if the information in the document is correct? Then you can send the document to us for verification.


  1. Scan the document with a scanner or an application on your telephone
  2. Send an email with the scanned document to* with “Verification of NOKUT’s decision” as the subject field.
  3. In the body of the email, we request the following information:
    a) Your first and last name
    b) Title and organisation
    c) Contact information

You will receive a statement from us within five working days.

Until 2003 it was the National Academic Information Centre (NAIC) under the Norway Network Council (in Norwegian: NAIC – Informasjonssenter for internasjonal utdanning ved Norgesnettrådet) that performed assessments of foreign education in Norway. NOKUT was established on 1 January 2003, and took over the task of assessing applications for recognition of foreign education. NOKUT does not verify statements issued by NAIC. Persons with statements from NAIC are encouraged to apply for NOKUT’s recognition.

* Please keep in mind that all email is unencrypted. We therefore recommend that you do not disclose sensitive personal data when you contact us. If you choose to give us more information than we need, we are obliged to inform you that such information will be deleted. To ensure that you are familiar with our privacy statement and your rights, we provide this information before you contact us. You will find more information on how NOKUT processes personal data in our privacy statement.

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