NOKUT's Qualifications Assessment

Who is the procedure for?

NOKUT’s Qualifications Assessment is for those who apply for NOKUT’s recognition, but who cannot be included in NOKUT’s recognition of foreign higher education. This includes those who cannot be included in NOKUT’s recognition procedure for persons without verifiable documentation (UVD-procedure). The reasons for this could be that they do not have sufficient language proficiency in English, Norwegian or another Scandinavian language, do not have residency in Norway or do not have a completed qualification within higher education.

What is NOKUT’s Qualifications Assessment?

The Qualifications Assessment contains information about the applicant’s highest completed qualification, work experience and language proficiency. In addition, advice and guidance about the road ahead. The document contains information on the documentation that formed the basis for the individual assessment. NOKUT’s Qualifications Assessment is valid for a limited time, and has a validity of three years from the date of issue. NOKUT’s Qualifications Assessment is not a legal binding document, but a standardized statement from NOKUT, which contains relevant information in connection with admission to further studies and job applications etc.

How to apply

In order to be referred to the new procedure for persons without verifiable documentation you must apply for NOKUT’s recognition of foreign higher education first.

How does the procedure work?

  1. You will receive a survey form with guidance regarding how it must be completed. The form must be returned to NOKUT within three weeks.
  2. When we have received a completed survey, you will be invited to an interview with NOKUT.
  3. You will receive NOKUT’s Qualifications Assessment after the interview with NOKUT.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email should you have any questions regarding this assessment.

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