NOKUT’s documentation requirements for foreign vocational education

On this page, you will find information about the documentation you must upload together with your application for recognition. 

  • NOKUT requires documents in the original language and translations of these documents (read more about translations). You must upload all pages of the document.
  • You may upload other relevant documents not mentioned in NOKUT's requirements together with a short description and explanation why you include them.
  • The submission of fraudulent documentation and/or false statements will be reported to the police.

NOKUT reserves the right to ask for additional information; this could be for instance original educational documents, identity documents and original translations. The application will be rejected if we do not receive the requested documents.

A) Diploma confirming completed tertiary vocational education

A document confirming your tertiary vocational education. This may be a certificate or a diploma.

B) Trancripts of grades

Transcripts of grades or report card from your tertiary vocational education. By transcript of grades/report card we mean a list/overview of subjects/grades for all the years of your tertiary vocational education.

C) Upper secondary education

The final certificate from upper secondary school/high school. Alternatively, the final diploma or certificate form the education that gave you access to tertiary vocational education.

D) Proof of name change

This is relevant only if you have changed your name.

Valid documents for proof of name change:

  • Marriage certificate (Norwegian or foreign) that contains both your old and new name
  • Divorce certificate (Norwegian or foreign) that contains both your old and new name
  • Confirmation of name change issued by the competent official authority in the country where you had your name changed
  • Confirmation of name change issued by the Norwegian National Registry

E) Applicants without MinID

If you do not have MinID, please upload a copy of your identity document:

  • Please upload a copy of the page showing your full name, date of birth and photo. If this information is on different pages, please upload copies of all pages containing name, birth date and photo.
  • Please do not upload copies of blank pages.

Valid identity documents:

  • Valid international passport (including emergency passport)
  • Family passport
  • National identity card issued by an EEA or EFTA country
  • Norwegian refugee travel document
  • Norwegian immigrant’s Passport