Experts – Recognition of foreign vocational education and training

NOKUT assesses whether vocational education and training from abroad can be considered comparable to Norwegian craft and journeyman’s certificates. While NOKUT assesses the level and scope of the foreign qualification, the experts are assessing its occupational content of the qualification. NOKUT appoints these experts.

NOKUT appoints experts in each qualification that is included in the recognition scheme based on recommendations from the eight Vocational Training Councils (De faglige råd).

It may vary how many experts there are appointed to each qualification, but there are always three experts that assess the vocational content of one individual qualification.

NOKUT decision is based on its own assessment and the expert’s advice. The expert committee’s assessment is advisory and the basis for precedence.

Who are the experts?

  • An expert is a person whose education, skills and experience shows that he or she has a specific knowledge of vocational education and training beyond what is common knowledge
  • An expert is recommended by a Vocational Training Council (Faglig råd)
  • Experts shall reflect the tripartite social dialogue for vocational education and training, meaning experts and their substitutes come from the public education and training sector, the employees’, or the employers’ side.