Guidelines for uploading documents

  • Scan your documents, and make sure they are legible, before you upload them in the application.
  • If a document has more than one page, please scan them together and upload them in one file. A document can for instance be a diploma, transcript of grades, Diploma Supplement, ID, proof of name change, translations or an employment contract.
  • The required format is PDF.
  • Do not upload compressed files (such as ZIP or RAR files).
  • If there is information on the reverse side of a document, please scan and upload both sides.
  • If your document is in colour, please scan it in colour.
  • Name the documents with a short and relevant title, like for instance transcript of grades, translation diploma, training in school, practical training, proof of name change.

  • Please be aware that once you have submitted your application, you cannot delete any documents.
  • Submission of false or misleading information will be reported to the police. Read more about False academic credentials and qualifications.