Recognition of foreign higher education (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.)

Do you have a foreign education that may be unknown to Norwegian employers? Then it could be smart to apply for recognition, but be aware that a recognition is not required in order to use your diploma in Norway.

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Who can apply?

You can apply for this recognition if you have higher education from abroad.

Automatic recognition of certain educational degrees from selected countries – a quicker alternative

NOKUT has prepared standardized statements confirming that certain educational degrees from selected counties are considered automatically recognized by NOKUT. The document is ready for use right away when you have downloaded it.

Read more about NOKUT’s automatic recognition

Regulated professions

Please be aware that your education may require a special authorisation. If it is a regulated profession, a different form of recognition will be necessary. Check the list of regulated professions.


You can find more information about general recognition of higher education on the page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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About the recognition procedure

This is a recognition procedure for persons with higher education acquired abroad.

Your education programme is evaluated against the Norwegian degree structure. If your education programme is recognised as higher education in Norway, you will receive a decision from NOKUT. The decision describes the level and scope of the education and if it is equivalent to a Norwegian bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD. The recognition does not say anything about the academic content of your education programme. NOKUT’s general recognition of higher education is voluntary, and is intended as an aid for those who wish to enter the Norwegian job market.

How can I use NOKUT’s recognition of foreign higher education?

You can use NOKUT’s recognition of foreign higher education when applying for jobs in professions that are not regulated. It is up to the individual employer if they require you to have recognition from NOKUT or not.

The recognition document can also be used as an aid in salary placement.

In addition, the recognition document may be used in connection with admission to further studies in higher education, but you do not normally need recognition from NOKUT to apply for admission to higher education in Norway.

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Automatic recognition – a quicker alternative
NOKUT offers automatic recognition of certain degrees from selected countries. Check if your degree is automatically recognized by NOKUT.

Note! If you have educational documents issued in a language other than English or one of the Nordic languages, you must obtain a translation into Norwegian or English before submitting your application to NOKUT. Read more about translations

You can find information about NOKUT’s documentation requirements in the drop-down menu below. This applies to both the requirements specific to your country (where available) and the general requirements.

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How to apply

  • To complete your application in NOKUT’s applicant portal and upload all required documentation.
  • Double check that you upload all required documentation.
  • You are responsible for providing the required documentation, and for making sure that the uploaded documents are clear and legible. NOKUT recommends that you upload scans of the original documents. See guidelines for uploading documents.
  • NOKUT does not return original translations or (apostilled) copies.

Important when logging in

  • When logging in to NOKUT's applicant portal, use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. Please do not use Internet Explorer.
  • We recommend that you apply from a PC, not from a mobile

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Case processing time

It normally takes around four months from NOKUT receives all documentation, until we have finalised the evaluation. If you have received an email with a reference number, your application is received.

Personal data

NOKUT is processing your personal data when we are evaluating your application and receiving inquiries. You have to create a profile in our applicant portal to register an application. It is necessary for NOKUT to process your personal data from your profile to process your application. We encourage you not to provide sensitive information in your profile. We would like to inform you that if you choose to register more or other personal data than what we ask for, these data will be a part of your profile and your application.

We provide this information to ensure a level of knowledge about our Privacy Notice and to inform you about your rights.

Further information about how NOKUT process personal data can be found in our Privacy Statement.


Telephone: + 47 21 02 18 60 (Tuesdays and Thursdays 12–14)

* Please keep in mind that all email is unencrypted. We therefore recommend that you do not disclose sensitive personal data when you contact us. If you choose to give us more information than we need, we are obliged to inform you that such information will be deleted. To ensure that you are familiar with our privacy statement and your rights, we provide this information before you contact us. You will find more information on how NOKUT processes personal data in our privacy statement.