You have a right to appeal NOKUT’s decision, cf. The Public Administration Act § 28. The deadline for lodging an appeal is three weeks from the date on which you have received NOKUT’s administrative decision.

The notice of appeal shall:

  • mention the administrative decision against which the appeal is lodged
  • state the alteration desired in the administrative decision which is the object of the appeal
  • be signed by you or your agent/legal proxy

If available, you should also include documentation not previously submitted to NOKUT that may substantiate your appeal.

What happens after you have lodged an appeal?

When NOKUT receives your notice of appeal, we will check to make certain that all formal requirements for the notice of appeal have been fulfilled. If NOKUT finds that there are errors or defects, we will contact you. You will be given a short deadline to correct or supplement your appeal. If you do not respond within the deadline, the appeal will be dismissed.

Once the formal requirements are fulfilled, NOKUT will reassess your case in light of the appeal and any additional documentation submitted by you. If, during the assessment, NOKUT concludes that the conditions for the original administrative decision have been altered, NOKUT will issue a new administrative decision. If NOKUT does not find reasons to alter the original decision, the appeal is then forwarded to the appellate instance, which will assess the case and make a final decision.

The Ministry of Education and Research is the appellate instance. You will receive a message from NOKUT if the appeal is forwarded to the appellate instance.

If an administrative decision is altered in your favour, you have the right to apply for reimbursement of such substantial costs necessarily incurred to alter the decision. This follows from The Public Administration Act § 36.