Specific recognition – higher education

Specific recognition is used in connection with the recognition of higher education from countries outside Norway. This means recognition of education so that it can be given equivalence with a specific Norwegian academic discipline/subject or degree. Specific recognition takes place at the academic institution in question. NOKUT does not conduct specific recognition.

Specific recognition may be necessary in the following cases:

  • If you wish to continue your studies at a Norwegian educational institution
  • If you wish to work in a profession where there is a requirement for a specific degree with associated professional title.

In other words, specific recognition will usually be part of another application process. The individual institution will determine whether the foreign education fulfils the specific requirements as to breadth and depth for the discipline/subject or degree in question.

For more information on specific recognition please contact an institution that provides higher education in the field corresponding to your foreign education.

All specific recognition processes depend on you submitting complete documentation, including course descriptions, reading lists and any written thesis/dissertation. This type of recognition is a demanding process.