Recognition of other professions

For most professions or trades, no specific recognition is required before you can start working in Norway. Professions such as librarian, economist, journalist, beautician and painter/decorator are not regulated and do not require recognition or authorisation.

Your employer will decide whether you fulfill the educational requirements for this particular position. In other words: There is no need for a formal recognition of your foreign education.

You should translate all your documentation into either English or Norwegian. We recommend that you use a government authorised translator. You can find authorised translators in Norway at The Brønnøysund Register Service. In this way, your employer will be able to evaluate your foreign qualifications, and documentation. If there is any need for additional information, don`t hesitate to ask your potential employer to contact us, either by email to, or by telephone: +47 21 02 18 60.

My employer still wants a formal assessment of my education – what options do I have?

If your employer still wants you to have your educational qualifications formally assessed, or compared to the corresponding Norwegian education, you have the following options:

Recognition of foreign higher education

Recognition of foreign vocational education and training

Recognition of foreign tertiary vocational education

Prior experiential learning

Specific recognition – higher education

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