Recognition Procedure for Persons without Verifiable Documentation (UVD-procedure)

This is a recognition procedure for persons with documentation that cannot be verified. You will be referred to this procedure if NOKUT has made a decision that your higher education qualification from abroad cannot be granted general recognition due to unverifiable documentation.

Who is this procedure meant for?

This procedure is meant for applicants with foreign higher education that is education at the level of university / university college, who cannot be granted general recognition due to missing, insufficient or unverifiable documentation. This procedure is directed at refugees and persons in a refugee-like situation. With this procedure, NOKUT attempts to fulfill Article VII of the Lisbon Recognition Convention

How to apply

In order to be referred to the new recognition procedure for persons without verifiable documentation you have to apply for NOKUT’s recognition of foreign higher education first.

How does the procedure work?

You will be referred to the Recognition Procedure for Persons without Verifiable Documentation If you have applied for general recognition with unverifiable documentation.

  • You will receive a survey form with guidance regarding how it must be completed. The form must be returned to us together with documentation on language skills and residence permit. In addition, we recommend that you enclose your CV and work testimonials.
  • We evaluate whether you fulfill the formal requirements to proceed with the new recognition procedure.
  • If you are eligible to proceed with the recognition process, you will be invited to a preliminary interview and a meeting/interview with a panel of experts.
  • NOKUT will make a decision on general recognition based on the report from the panel of experts.

Important to know!

If you wish to participate in this procedure, it is important to know that the procedure is a process that may take time, and that it demands a lot of self-effort and motivation.

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