Recognition of foreign tertiary vocational education

This assessment procedure is for applicants who can document completed tertiary vocational education from abroad.

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Who can apply?

NOKUT only accepts applications for recognition from Poland or Germany from the following sectors:

  • Building and construction; climate, energy and environment work
  • Technical and industrial production
  • Healthcare, childhood and youth development

The assessment procedure will gradually include more countries and sectors. Please see our website for information.


You can find more information about recognition of foreign vocational education by visiting Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, please contact us:

Telephone: + 47 21 02 18 60 (Monday and Tuesday 12–15)

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About the assessment

The procedure assesses whether your education is comparable to Norwegian tertiary vocational education (fagskoleutdanning). In the event of a successful assessment of your education, an advisory statement of comparability will be issued in your name. The advisory statement contains information on level, scope and vocational sector. NOKUTs assessment of foreign tertiary vocational education is voluntary, and intended to assist you in the Norwegian job market by providing information about your education.

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Documentation requirements

On this page, you will find information about the documentation you must upload together with your application. It is important that you upload all the required documents. Failing to do so will cause prolonged processing time. 

  • NOKUT requires documents in the original language and translations of these documents (read more about translations). You must upload all pages of the document.
  • You may upload other relevant documents not mentioned in NOKUTs requirements together with a short description and explanation why.
  • The submission of fraudulent documentation and/or false statements will be reported to the police.


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How to apply

  • To complete your application in NOKUT’s applicant portal and upload all required documentation.
  • Double check that you upload all required documentation.
  • You are responsible for providing the required documentation, and for making sure that the uploaded documents are clear and legible. NOKUT recommends that you upload scans of the original documents. See guidelines for uploading documents.
  • NOKUT does not return original translations or (apostilled) copies.

What happens now?

Processing time starts once we have received the required documentation. The regular processing time is 2-4 months. The assessment procedure is a newly established procedure, and some cases may require more than four months. If that is the case for your application, you will be notified by email.

Digital mailbox

NOKUT uses digital mailbox. This means that if you are to receive important letters from us digitally, you'll need to create your own digital mailbox.

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