Development strategy 2015–2020

NOKUT’s development strategy for 2015–2020 is based on the assumption that NOKUT has the potential to take a more overall responsibility as a national competence centre. To a greater extent than today, we want to document, inform and give advice based on facts about the quality status of Norwegian higher education and tertiary vocational education, and about the situation as regards recognition of qualifications achieved abroad.

Our ambition is to play a more visible role in society, while continuing to strengthen cooperation and dialogue with students, educational institutions, the labour market and society at large.

The development strategy document clarifies NOKUT's social mission and sets out three overall goals that NOKUT will be governed by. In addition, it consists of five development strategies that will set NOKUT on the course to becoming a more proactive organisation that will make use of more measures to achieve its goals.

Through this strategy, NOKUT wishes to be perceived as:

  • a clear and visible ambassador for quality in education
  • a key agenda-setter with sound expertise in Norwegian and foreign higher education and Norwegian tertiary vocational education
  • a competent, reliable and efficient administrative agency

Development strategy for NOKUT 2015–2020 (pdf)