Appeals Boards

The Ministry of Education and Research has appointed two appeals boards for NOKUT’s decisions, one for higher education, and one for tertiary vocational education.

All administrative decisions made by NOKUT can be appealed. This is in accordance with the Public Administration Act. The deadline for appeal is three weeks from the date on which notification of the administrative decision has reached the applicant.

The applicant must submit the appeal to NOKUT. If NOKUT does not find reasons to change the decision, the appeal is forwarded to the relevant appeals board, which makes a final decision.


The appeals boards will consider whether NOKUT has committed procedural errors or misapplication of the law. The appeals boards will also consider whether there have been any instances of improper use of force, unequal differential treatment, or other breaches of the principles of administrative law.

The appeals boards may not overrule NOKUT’s assessment of the level or scope of the education in question, nor the assessment of NOKUT’s appointed experts.


The members of the two appeals boards are appointed for a four-year period. The membership of the two boards is partly overlapping.