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MADE – Making a Difference with Education: Centre for excellent education in Global Health

University of Bergen


MADE’s vision is to provide excellent and innovative education in global health, thereby improving health for the world’s poorer populations. The centre wants to include topics reflecting current global challenges in global health education, increase student involvement, educate educators in new pedagogical skills and increase the use of technology-based innovative teaching methods. The centre is a consortium between University of Bergen and University of Copenhagen.

Strengths and weaknesses:

MADE builds on a very positive track record and a long history of global health education. The managerial commitment is clearly strong and MADE draws on collaboration with a wide range of international partners. The intercultural setting and links to the UN’s development goals are commendable features.

There is evidence of good practice, for instance in problem-based learning, some innovation and high relevance. Student feedback is sought and satisfaction appears high. However, the link with R&D is less clear.

Engaging students in real life challenges in an area of great global societal need is positive, but the means by which this application propose to do this is cumbersome. The pedagogical approaches are not developed enough and the innovative aspects can be questioned. For instance, MOOCs have been used for several years already. The focus on active learning is welcome, but not innovative in itself.

The plans for evaluation and dissemination can be developed further, and a narrowing of the scope and focus of the bid could be considered.

Information is lacking or unclear regarding several aspects of the criteria for awarding SFU status.

Points to consider:

  • What are the realistic steps towards realizing the high ambitions?
  • How does the centre develop innovative R&D-based education?
  • How is the bid innovative given current national and international developments?

Grade: 3
Site visit: No