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C3E – Centre for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education

University of Oslo


The C3E is a consortium between University of Oslo and The Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The aim for C3E is to direct practice-based entrepreneurial educational competence to the life science/ICT systems in the Oslo-region, by establishing pedagogy and learning environments that in the best possible way prepare and integrate students with existing and growing initiatives in the ecosystem. This will raise awareness and develop entrepreneurial competence in accordance with European and Norwegian Qualification Framework.

Strengths and weaknesses:

The proposal present solid input factors. The centre has a significant track record of educational achievements and expertise in the area. The universities’ commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship is made clear, and there is very good engagement with external stakeholders. Process factors are solid and the relevance of the provision is made clear. The fact that the centre has already worked in this field internationally is commendable. More data on student outcomes would have been helpful and the balance between the institutions is not clear.

There is little emphasis on the centre plan in the proposal, for instance how the centre is innovative in an international context. The panel would have liked to see more details on the envisaged pedagogical change and changes to the learning environment, benchmarked against international best practice, in order for the centre to reach its goals. The emphasis on supporting the students’ progression is positive. There is good engagement of PhD students. More information on the engagement of bachelor and master students could have been included. As the proposal stands, it is difficult to understand the role and interconnectivity of students at the different levels of study.

The dissemination plan could have been further developed. Measures of impact were included, however a greater depth in looking at impact could be developed with more emphasis on outcomes. 

Points to consider:

  • How will the centre achieve its goals?
  • How will bachelor and master students be involved in shaping the project, including the pedagogical approach, in order to achieve key milestones?
  • What are the outcomes and novelties of the centre?
  • What are the unique contribution of the partners outside of the University of Oslo?

Grade: 4
Site visit: No