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Doing quality differently: New paths to assuring and stimulating good education

Ahead of this year’s ENQA Members’ Forum, NOKUT invites you to an afternoon workshop on possibilities for innovation in quality assurance work. This is an opportunity to share and discuss experiences, as well as to gain new ideas and insights. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tid: 3 mai
Sted: Gamle Logen, Oslo

The way that quality assurance agencies for higher education do their work is changing. In European countries, quality assurance models are increasingly shifting to become more trust-based, with less focus on formal re-evaluations and re-accreditation processes. This lighter touch gives institutions a clearer mandate and responsibility for their own quality work but also opens the door for quality assurance agencies to work with institutions in new ways and to get us closer to the core of what really makes for good education.

This workshop explores the new tools and methods that guide and inspire institutions to get quality work into classrooms, labs, lesson plans, and programme designs and that aim not only at setting the necessary standards for quality, but at creating conditions for the many forms that excellent education can take. At the same time, new approaches require a new awareness of the role of quality assurance agencies: what are the particular difficulties that come with combining the Power to sanction with the desire to stimulate quality work?

The workshop will ask some of the most challenging and central questions in quality assurance work and bring participants together for discussion and the sharing of experiences.

The workshop is organised around three themes: exploring national models for quality assurance; external quality assurance; and stimulating excellence.

A full programme will follow.