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Centre for Professional Learning in Teacher Education (ProTed) – Mid-term evaluation

This report marks a key milestone in the history of the Norwegian Centre for Excellence in Education scheme (SFU), as it is the first mid-term evaluation of an SFU. In 2011, ProTed (Centre for Professional Learning in Teacher Education) gained the status as a pilot SFU for the period 2012 to 2016, with a possibility of extension to another five-year period after a mid-term evaluation.

OBS! Denne rapporten finnes kun på engelsk.

The NOKUT Board makes the final decision on prolongation of SFU status. The Expert Committee’s evaluation forms the basis for the board’s decision (see Chapter 3).


ProTed is awarded SFU status for a second period; that is from 2017–2021. NOKUT and ProTed will enter into a new agreement for this period. NOKUT expects that ProTed includes the Committee's recommendations in its future work.

Norwegian translation of the Board’s decision:

ProTed tildeles SFU-status for en andre periode, det vil si fra 2017–2021. NOKUT og ProTed inngår en ny avtale for denne perioden. NOKUT forventer at ProTed inkluderer komiteens anbefalinger i sitt videre arbeid.

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Ekspertkomite: Duncan Lawson
Elaine Munthe
Don Westerheijden
Jeppe Bundsgaard
Espen Tangnes
Dato: 29.09.2015