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Searching for the holy grail – excellence in teaching and learning in Norway

Presentasjon holdt på EAIR 36th Annual Forum, 27.-30. august 2014 Essen, Tyskland.


A study of Centres of Excellence in Education (SFUs).

Norway announced three centres of excellence in higher education in November 2013. Several countries have implemented similar programs. While the programs have been analysed and evaluated, not many studies have been conducted to see why these centres are excellent and if they have characteristics in common.

This paper offers an explorative case study of the Norwegian centres to see if common traits in teaching, learning and working methods can be identified with the overarching aim to operationalise and give insight into dimensions of quality and excellence in education. Statements about excellence in education are found in policy documents across the world. There is however no agreed definition or operationalization of excellence in education. The Norwegian centres will be compared with centres of excellence in teaching and learning internationally. If common characteristics are identified this might give indications on how to enhance educational quality.

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Forfatter(e): Helen Bråten
Dato: 27.08.2014