About NOQA

Nordic Quality Assurance

Nordic Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education (NOQA) is a forum for information dissemination, exchanging experiences and pursuing projects of mutual interest. The main objective is to create a joint understanding of different Nordic viewpoints on issues related to higher education quality assurance.

NOQA has been established by the five Nordic countries and their respective national organisations engaged in evaluation and quality assurance of higher education: 

The national organisations have convened annually since 1992 to exchange experiences and discuss recent developments in evaluation and quality assurance of higher education. In 2003, the annual meeting officially formalised the co-operation as the Nordic Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education (NOQA).

Annual meeting

The main forum of the network is the annual meeting. The annual meetings rotate between the member countries. The country that will host the next annual meeting, acts as the official representative of the network and the head of the respective agency acts as the network's Chairperson.

Joint projects

An important form of the collaboration is joint projects; the Nordic agencies have worked together on several projects. The network's annual meeting decides on the new joint projects and on their implementation. The projects have been significant in terms of learning from each other and enhancing co-operation between the organisations. All the projects have been published as reports.

Similar cultural backgrounds and mutual understanding regarding quality assurance approaches have naturally helped in building fruitful co-operation and later a network. However, even with all the similarities, differences exist. One reason for the divergence is that the Nordic countries have different approaches to evaluation of quality in higher education and that they have different authorisation from their governments. The joint projects have been a rewarding way of forming a dialogue to try to understand these differences and reasons behind the convergence and non-convergence.

Most of the members of the network are also members of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).