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How do I apply for admission to study in Norway?

Choose your preferred study level, and find general information and who to contact.

Higher education (at universities and university colleges)

Supplementary information in English is not available yet.

If you have questions about the admission to ordinary undergraduate study programmes, please contact The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS).

For information on admission to postgraduate degrees, please contact the respective institutions directly.

Vocational programmes

This information is for those who wish to seek admission to a vocational school (fagskole). Vocational schools offer vocational education and training at tertiary level in courses lasting from six months to two years, which build upon upper secondary education and training or equivalent prior experiental learning. You do not require higher education entrance qualifications (generell studiekompetanse) to study at a vocational school.

There are a number of public vocational schools funded by county authorities, as well as private vocational schools. At the county-run vocational schools, you will find several vocational programmes within these three fields:

  • Technical subjects/technology
  • Health
  • Administration, finance and management

The private vocational schools offer a broader range of vocational subjects, ranging from a two-year course in engineering to art and catering-related subjects, and so on.

Where do I send my application?

There is a nationally coordinated admissions system for the county-run vocational technical schools, so if you wish to apply for a place at one of these schools on the basis of foreign education you can read more about it on the website of Nasjonalt opptakskontor for fagskolen.

On this website you will also find an overview of county vocational schools, the subjects they teach as well as their scope and depth, and the necessary addresses and telephone numbers.

Exceptions: You must apply directly to the private vocational schools.

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You will find both the public and private vocational schools that are accredited in Norway on our website: List of accredited vocational school offerings - NOKUT (in Norwegian only).

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Upper secondary education and training

Supplementary information in English is not available yet.

If you have questions about upper secondary education and training, you can contact the counselor at your school or the admission offices in the county where you live. See list of admission offices