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New verdict from Norwegian students on the quality in higher education

In February, NOKUT released new results from the national student survey for higher education in Norway, Studiebarometeret.

The results show that Norwegian students, at large, are most satisfied with their study programs ability to be career relevant. However, they appear to be are less enthusiastic about the student’s opportunities to influence the study program’s content and design.

– I am pleased to learn that Norwegian students, once more, are content with their studies. However, I urge all universities and university colleges to thoroughly investigate the results at a local level and respond with action where the students are particular dissatisfied, says director of NOKUT Terje Mørland.

NOKUT is responsible for conducting the annual national student survey, asking Norwegian students for their perception on different dimensions of quality at the study program they attend. This year NOKUT presented the results at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

About the survey Studiebarometeret

Studiebarometeret was launched in 2013. Every second year undergraduate and postgraduate in Norway received the survey. This means that close to 60 000 students at almost 60 institutions are given the opportunity to voice their opinion on the quality of their degree programmes.

This year a little less than 29 000 student participated, compared to 17 000 students when the survey was first launched in 2013.

Results and cross-institutions results, as well as an overall analysis of the survey, are published on the website www.studiebarometeret.no. The features on this website make it easy for students, institutions and government to compare different study programmes offered at Universities and University colleges in Norway.


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