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NOKUT’s Qualifications Assessment for Refugees

In January, NOKUT will implement the Qualifications Assessment for Refugees. This is a supplement to NOKUT’s general recognition of higher education, and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research.

– This scheme will provide a service for refugees who currently cannot be granted general recognition of their higher education, says NOKUT’s Director General Terje Mørland. This could for instance be refugees, who had their education disrupted, they do not speak Norwegian or English language well, or they lack a residence permit.

The Qualifications Assessment is not legally binding

NOKUT’s Qualifications Passport for Refugees is based on structured interviews with candidates, held by our executive officers. Based on the interview and available documentation, we give a standardized assessment of the applicant's formal qualifications. We assess the number of years of higher education and the level of the education, compared to the Norwegian educational system. We also provide supplementary information about work experience and language skills. In addition, the applicant will receive individual advice on the way forward. The methodology was tested in a pilot project earlier in 2016, NOKUT’s Qualifications Passport for Refugees.

NOKUT makes Norway one of the first countries to establish a recognition procedure especially for refugees

– The Norwegian approach to the assessment of qualifications held by refugees is an important part of a pilot project that the Council of Europe will undertake next year among refugees in Greece. NOKUT is happy to be part of this project and to assist the Council of Europe assessing the possibility of establishing a European Qualifications Passport for Refugees, says Mørland.


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