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General recognition

General recognition is an alignment of Norwegian and foreign higher education. Recognition is an aid to those who wish to work in a profession which is not regulated by law.

By means of examining diplomas and transcript of grades, NOKUT assesses what a foreign educational achievement corresponds to in Norway. For a foreign higher educational achievement to have obtained general recognition in Norway, this means that:

  • The whole or parts of the education in question are comparable with Norwegian higher education
  • The extent of this education has been evaluated. This is expressed in years of study and credits or study points, and is aligned with Norwegian higher education.

General recognition can also entail that a foreign higher education is recognised as equivalent to a Norwegian university college candidate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree (Ph.D).

Who can apply for NOKUT’s general recognition?

You can apply for NOKUT’s general recognition if you have had foreign higher education and want to work in a profession which is not regulated by law.

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Procedure and right of appeal

NOKUT assesses foreign education after receiving applications from individuals. Processing the case only begins when we have received all the documentation we require from the applicant.

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NOKUT’s decision and recognition document

The applicant receives a final decision by post when the process is completed.

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NOKUT’s criteria

General recognition implies that the foreign education was taken at a recognised/accredited institution of higher education in the country of origin. The education must be at a level above the entrance requirements for universities and university colleges in Norway – check The GSU-list.

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Laws and regulations

In accordance with the Act relating to universities and university colleges, NOKUT has the authority to grant general recognition.

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