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NOKUT – the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education – is a professionally independent government agency that contributes towards quality assurance and enhancement in higher education and tertiary vocational education. NOKUT’s tasks include foreign higher education qualifications as well as Norwegian higher education.
  • NOKUT conducts quality controls and stimulates the quality development of educational provision at Norwegian universities, higher education colleges and colleges of tertiary vocational education.

  • NOKUT recognises foreign higher education qualifications in response to applications by individuals and provides information to holders of foreign qualifications about Norway’s various mechanisms for the recognition and authorisation of foreign qualifications.

Through its activities, NOKUT works to maintain society’s trust in the quality of Norwegian higher education, tertiary vocational education and recognised foreign higher education qualifications.

NOKUT was established in 2003 as part of the Quality Reform legislation on higher education. NOKUT’s areas of responsibility and operational mechanisms are regulated by the Act Relating to Universities and Colleges, the Act Relating to Tertiary Vocational Education and the associated Regulations issued by the Ministry of Education and Research. NOKUT’s professional independence means that its accreditation and recognition decisions cannot be overruled by the Ministry.

Organizational structure

Strategic plan 2010-2014