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Recognition of foreign vocational education and training

This recognition procedure is for applicants with completed vocational education and training from abroad.

The recognition procedure involves a professional evaluation of your training. A recognition of your craft or journeyman’s certificate implies that your qualification is comparable with a Norwegian craft or journeyman’s certificate. The recognition is voluntary, and is intended as an aid for those who wish to enter the Norwegian job market.

Starting autumn 2016, we open up for applications for recognition of craft and journeyman’s certificates from Poland and Germany within the following qualifications:

Carpenter, hairdresser, industrial concrete worker, meat cutter and plumber.

The recognition procedure will gradually include more countries and qualifications. Please see our website for information.

Apply for recognition of foreign vocational education and training

What if NOKUT cannot recognize my vocational education and training?

If you cannot get recognition of your foreign qualification, you can achieve an equivalent craft and journeyman’s certificate through Norwegian vocational education and training. Read more about other recognition procedures.


You can find more information about recognition of foreign vocational education and training on the page for Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, please contact us.