Can I appeal the decision?

NOKUT’s decision is an individual decision that you have the right to appeal, pursuant to Section 28 of the Public Administration Act. Appeals must be submitted within three weeks from the day you receive the decision. If we receive your appeal too late, it will be rejected.

We recommend that you carefully read NOKUT’s criteria before you make an appeal.

If you want to appeal a decision, you must log into NOKUT’s portal and complete your appeal there. You find the appeal form under «actions», in the overview of your applications. Please include your grounds for appeal, and attach documentation you think is relevant for your case.

After you have submitted the appeal, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. NOKUT will then re-evaluate your education. If we find that the decision should be changed, you will receive a new decision letter. If we maintain the decision, or if the appeal only partly succeeds, the case will be forwarded to an external appeals board.

The appeals board has been appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. You will receive a copy of the letter that is sent from NOKUT to the appeals board.

The appeals board meets three to four times a year. This means that the appeal process will be long. NOKUT does not have any influence on the time it takes to get your case processed by the appeals board.

What can the appeals board evaluate?

The appeals board can evaluate whether NOKUT has committed procedural errors or misapplication of the law, and if there has been abuse of lawful authorities, unjustified differential treatment, or other breaches of the principles of administrative law.

The appeals board cannot review NOKUT’s evaluation of the level and scope of the obtained education, nor can they review the evaluation of the expert panel.