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Documentation requirements

On this page you will find an overview of NOKUT’s documentation requirements. It is very important that you take the time to read all the information on this page. If you submit all the necessary documentation together with the application, NOKUT’s evaluation process can start sooner, and you will receive the result faster.

Documentation requirements for specific countries

In the drop-down menu below, you can find detailed information about NOKUT’s documentation requirements for certain countries. If you do not find the country where you studied in this menu, please follow NOKUT’s general documentation requirements. You can find these below the drop-down menu.

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General documentation requirements

NB! The information in section 4A of the application form (from April 2010) is outdated. NOKUT doesn’t accept confirmation from the Norwegian National Population Register as proof of identity. Please see below for the list of documents that NOKUT accepts.
You must submit a copy of an identity document:

  • The copy must be made from the page of the document that contains your full name, date of birth and photography.
  • If the abovementioned information can be found on several pages, copies must be made of all the pages that contains your full name, date of birth and photography.
  • NOKUT doesn’t need copies of the blank pages of your identity document.

Valid identity documents:

  • Valid international passport (including emergency passport)
  • Family passport
  • National identity card issued by a EEA or EFTA country
  • Norwegian refugee travel document
  • Norwegian immigrant’s passport
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The information in this paragraph only applies if you have changed your name.

If the original proof of name change was not issued in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English you must also submit a copy of a translation into one of those languages.

Valid documents for proof of name change

  • Marriage certificate (Norwegian or foreign) that contains both your old and new name
  • Divorce certificate (Norwegian or foreign) that contains both your old and new name
  • Confirmation that contains both your old and new name issued by the competent official authority in the country where you changed your name
  • Confirmation of name change issued by the Norwegian National Population Register (in Norwegian)
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  • Copy of final degree diploma from higher education, in the original language.
  • Copy of official translation of final degree diploma from higher education.

By final degree diploma we refer to the final proof that a degree has been completed and awarded (some frame this document and hang it on the wall). You do not need to submit this documentation if you are applying for recognition of an education that was not completed.

  • Copy of transcript of grades/academic record from higher education, in the original language.
  • Copy of official translation of transcript of grades/academic record.

By transcript of grades/academic record we mean a list/overview of subjects/grades/number of hours/credits for all the years of your higher education. If you have a Diploma Supplement, you can submit this instead of the transcript of grades/academic record.

By original language, we mean the official language of the country in which the education was obtained, if this country has one official language or one of the official languages if this country has more than one official language.

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  • Copy of the final certificate from upper secondary school/high school, in the original language. If the country where you received your education does not have a system for upper secondary school/high school, please submit the final diploma/certificate from the education that gave you access to higher education. This document does not need to be translated.


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Note! NOKUT does NOT require original documents unless this is specified in the requirements for a specific country, or you have been asked to submit this. This regards original educational documents, identity documents and original translations.

Important information

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For some countries, it is a requirement that the transcript of grades is sent directly to NOKUT from the educational institution. You can find out whether this is relevant for your country by checking in the drop-down menu higher up on the page. If this requirement applies to the country where you studied, it is your responsibility to contact the educational institution to request this. You are welcome to use this International Transcript Request and Release Authorisation Form (pdf), but it is not mandatory.

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  • NOKUT requires final diplomas, transcripts of grades and proof of any changes of name that are issued in a language other than Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic or English, to be translated to one of these languages.

  • You can have your documents translated in Norway or abroad.

  • NOKUT recommends that you use a government authorised translator. You can find a list of authorised translators in Norway at www.translatorportalen.com.

  • The translations of the documents listed above must be done by an official translator. It must be apparent in the document which individual has done the translation.

  • If the submitted translations are not good enough, NOKUT reserves the right to ask for new translations.

  • If you were given documentation in two languages by your educational institution (where one of the languages is Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English), this documentation can be submitted instead of translations.
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