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Surveys and databases

On this page you can find a list of databases and surveys. The list is in alphabetical order.
  • Accredited higher education institutions
    Institutional accreditation is a scholarly assessment whether an institution meets a given standard to be recognised in a certain category of higher education institutions: ‘university’, ‘university college’ or ‘accredited college’.
  • Accredited higher education programmes (in Norwegian only)
    Higher education colleges without institutional accreditation, or with institutional accreditation that only covers the BA level, must file applications with NOKUT for the accreditation of study programmes outside their self-accreditation powers.
  • Country-specific information (Country database - in Norwegian only)
    The database provides information about the educational systems of other countries and their most common educational degrees. In addition, information is given about the main principles that govern the recognition of foreign qualifications in Norway.
  • Documentation requirements
    The database provides detailed information of what certificates and other verification documents are needed in order to have foreign qualifications assessed for recognition in Norway.
  • Foreign institutions of higher education
    Qualifications issued by institutions that are registered in this database will normally be recognised in Norway.
  • List of regulated professions
  • The GSU-list (Criteria for foreign applicants’ access to Norwegian higher education)
    The list is used by Norwegian universities and colleges in connection with their entrance processes. It is also a reference document when NOKUT assesses applications for general recognition of foreign qualifications.
  • Recognised programmes of tertiary vocational education (in Norwegian only)
    Tertiary vocational study programmes build on qualifications from secondary education (or corresponding prior learning) but are not classified as higher education. NOKUT issues formal recognition for such programmes.

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