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Recommendations from expert panels

As a tool for quality enhancement in accreditation processes.


In NOKUT’s processes for (initial) institutional and programme accreditation the expert panels are supposed to make recommendations for further quality development, beyond the standard requirements for accreditation, to those institutions that receive a positive assessment. It is then for the institution itself to decide if or how the recommendations will be followed up.

The aim of the present study has been to gain deeper insight into the way in which institutions receive and make use of these recommendations for improvement purposes. The report is based on an analysis of recommendations that have been given by expert panels, results from a survey taken at relevant institutions and interviews with academic leaders and faculty with responsibilities in connection with accreditation applications in the years 2003 – 2009.

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Author(s): Oddvar Haugland
Jon Haakstad
Date: 22.12.2011
Report no.: 2011-3
ISSN no.: 1892-1604