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NOKUT’s Higher Education Quality Barometer 2011

The Scientific employees’ educational quality barometer 2010, that offers a profile of how teaching academics assessed various quality and quality-determining aspects, gave rise to a storm of student comment as the survey seemed to show that teachers generally identified the abilities and efforts of the students, rather than the quality of their own teaching, as the main obstacles to high quality.

It was therefore decided to follow up the 2010 barometer with another survey in 2011, taking in a representative sample of students as well. For the present 2011 version of the barometer the format was slightly modified and the student survey was designed so as to ‘mirror’ the one for academics as closely as possible with the purpose of comparison in mind.

The barometer is based on answers received from around 700 teachers in accredited higher education institutions and around 400 students in electronic surveys, conducted in April/May 2011. The samples reflect the composition of the Norwegian teaching and student communities in terms of discipline, institutional affiliation, formal position (teachers) and degree level (students). A relatively weak return of answers from students threatens the statistical significance of some findings in the students’ barometer.

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Author(s): Jon Haakstad
Date: 29.11.2011
Report no.: 2011-2
ISSN no.: 1892-1604