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Research as foundation for education: Centres of Excellence and good practices


The Norwegian Centres of Excellence (CoE) schemes in research, research-based innovation and higher education are government instruments for quality enhancement. The CoE schemes constitute the three corners of the knowledge triangle.

There is no doubt that these centres produce research, innovation and knowledge that strengthen the quality of education. We show that the centres use new research in their teaching, and include students in their R&D, thus adding important value to teaching and education.

Moreover, students are viewed as a resource to the CoEs’ R&D. In addition, the centres – to take advantage of their staffs expertise and R&D – establish new study programs at different educational levels. While Centres of Excellence in Research (CoE-R) and Centres of Research-based Innovation (CoE-I) mostly involve PhD and master students, the Centres of Excellence in Higher Education (CoE-E), to a larger degree, target the bachelor- and master level.

The centres work actively to recruit talented students, offer their supervision, network and infrastructure, and emphasize the importance of including the students both academically and socially.

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Author(s): Lisa Dahl Keller
Stein Erik Lid
Ingvild Andersen
Date: 08.09.2015
Report no.: 2015-3
ISSN-no.: 1892-1604