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Application for accreditation of a PhD programme in Behavior Analysis – Akershus University College

The external quality assurance performed by NOKUT consists of evaluating the institution’s quality assurance systems, accreditation of new provisions and revision of accredited provisions. Universities and university colleges have different self-accrediting powers. For an institution without selfaccrediting powers to establish a provision in a certain cycle an application must be made to NOKUT.


  1. The PhD programme in Behavior Analysis at Akershus University College fulfils the conditions expressed in the Regulation concerning NOKUT’s supervision and control of the quality in Norwegian higher education (tilsynsforskriften) and is accredited by resolution of 19th April 2010.
  2. It is expected that the university college will avail itself of the expert committee's evaluations and recommendations for further development of the programme.

This is the first accredited PhD programme at Akershus University College. The Ministry of Education must approve that the university college establishes studies at this level.

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Experts: Magne Arve Flaten
Terje Sagvolden
Carol Pilgrim
Espen Bjørkedal
Date: 04/19/2010