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The Potential of Centres of/for Excellence in Higher Education

In this article, Duncan Lawson accounts for the Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in England. By comparing the Norwegian and the British initiatives, he is able to conclude with some possibilities and strengths for the Norwegian centres.

The article is part of the anthology På vei mot det fremste? (Helen Bråten and Astrid Børsheim red. 2016, mainly written in Norwegian).

About the author

Professor Duncan Lawson is Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Formative Education at Newman University. Professor Lawson has for many years focused on improving learning and teaching. In recognition of his excellent work, he was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship. He also secured status and directed a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, sigma. Duncan knows the Norwegian SFU initiative well as he chaired both the expert panel assessing the applications in 2013 and the panel conducting the mid-term review of the first Centre for excellence in Norway, ProTed.

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Author(s): Duncan Lawson
Date: 8 March 2016